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A full-body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation program that optimizes all major organ functions and systems related to cleaning and detoxifying the body. Visit our Products page for detailed information.

Cold-pressed, homeopathic, and completely toxin-free skin care; hormone and anti-aging support; and Perfect Sleep insomnia help. Visit our Products page for detailed information.

Helps identify parts of the brain not functioning properly, with recommendations to help improve function, health and quality of life. Check out the Services page for detailed information.

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At Heartland Healing Alternatives, our goal is to help you find your health balance.  We believe people not only are capable of healing and living full, abundant lives, but also deserve to do so!

Heartland Healing Alternatives provides consultation and screening services and wellness products to help you find your own health balance. We are located in Hastings, Minnesota, USA.  To get directions, schedule an appointment, or call for information, visit our Contact page.

On this site, you'll find a wealth of information about:

  • Naturopathy as the basis of Heartland Healing's services
  • NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique), an innovative allergy treatment that can help you eliminate chronic "dis-ease"
  • Other alternative methods and products to restore health
Here, you'll also find information about Jody Nyquist, NHD, ND, president and owner of Heartland Healing Alternatives, her training and credentials, and how she works with you to help you restore your health.

How alternative health care works

Illness or disease can be like an iceberg—only 10% of it is visible or detectable by "traditional" testing or observation methods.  At Heartland Healing, we strive to find the underlying cause of illness ("dis-ease") and eliminate the cause, not just the symptoms.

Simply put, when the real cause is discovered and corrected, the problem is resolved and doesn't resurface as some other ailment further down the road. These causes can be because of:

  • A specific toxin (heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.)
  • Problems with blood sugar regulation
  • Adrenal gland, digestive, or fatty acid metabolism dysfunction
  • Allergies
  • Brain dysfunction or degeneration
  • Food, chemical, and/or environmental sensitivities
  • Alterations with liver detoxification pathways
  • Emotions
  • Even your belief systems
These primary problems can cause many other difficulties in your body.  By correcting these problems, many other problems can self-correct.

At Heartland Healing Alternatives, we work with you to determine and eliminate the cause(s) of the problem so your health can be restored. The rest is up to you! It has been proven over the centuries that the body has amazing capacity for tolerance, compensation, and healing if you just give it what it needs—pure water, fresh air, sunlight, proper nutrients, whole natural foods, exercise, and rest.

I don't feel sick, why should I continue reading?

We have all been trained over many years that the absence of symptoms means the absence of illness. However, in the six phases of disease progression, symptoms are among the last to appear. There are signs of illness, but we tend not to pay attention to them.  A runny nose, watery eyes, rashes, inflammations, cysts, moles, cellulite—these are all early warning signs of toxins in the body that are trying to work their way out.

When these toxins are suppressed through use of medication, improper diet or lifestyle, and lack of exercise and/or rest, the toxins are pushed deeper into the body, resulting in "dis-ease."  Conversely, in the regression of disease, symptoms are the first phase to disappear.  Therefore, symptoms are poor standards by which to judge your state of optimum health.

How does Heartland Healing Alternatives help you find your health balance?

I am Jody Nyquist, the president and owner of Heartland Healing Alternatives. I am a Naturopath. This means I use methods of nature, or natural methods, to help restore health to the body.

My practice is centered on these principles of naturopathy:

  • Do No Harm
  • Use the Healing Power of Nature
  • Find the Cause
  • Honor the Whole Person
  • Practice Preventative Care
  • Empower the Client

I use several different methods to determine your state of health:

All of the methods I use are complementary to traditional and alternative therapies.

I use additional proven natural modalities (methods) with my clients, depending on what their specific needs are. These modalities include:

Learn more about how I work with clients at their first visit, what services I might recommend, how others have been helped by Heartland Healing Alternatives, and how to contact me.  Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions section!

What You'll Need for a First Appointment

For the basic information you'll need and downloadable forms to complete before your first appointment at Heartland Healing, Click here.

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